Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Been a while since my last post, but that doesn't mean I haven't been doing stuff..
Here are a bunch of current and recent things!

I'll start off with my current projects first. Here are a couple of things that are works in progress..

First, this is the dragon rider I have been working on. I have the block in for most of the parts, there are a few missing. Everything needs to be detailed, textured, and then retopologized in game rez..
I have put this project on hold for a little bit though, to work on another 3d project.

This necromancer. I saw on polycount that Mixamo was doing a contest for character creation, and I thought it would be fun to throw something in. So here is a paintover concept. 

I have a lot of the high rez mesh blocked out and fairly detailed. I really need to cram though to get this thing done in time!

Here is a painting I have been working on. I am having a tough time getting it to be what I want, so I just keep fiddling with it.

This stuff is recent finished stuff. pretty random assortment..

That is all for now, I should keep things updated on the works in progress in the coming days. I have really learned a lot about zbrush from doing these characters though. I really should start cranking characters out like this and I should get pretty good. I really should make a male base mesh soon after these characters are done!

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