Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dragon Rider, and more...

I got some stuff here to show, and i just added some stuff to thee character paintings section..
First this is a model sheet I have been working on. 
I started with the look from the Dragon Rider illustration as my concept, and worked from there.

I would really love to model this if I have the time.. I have sort of abandoned my last few models because I learned so much while doing them, that the problems they had really bugged me..

I split the model sheet into three layers so that it will be way easier to model from. Also, when it is done, I will have a character that could have multiple costume sets.

Next here is a big ogre monster, fighting a native american, in a future Rome/asian battle dome...
This was loads of fun to do!

Here is some other random stuff that I did...

That is all for right now! I hope you enjoyed, till next time..