Thursday, November 15, 2012

ArenaNet Internship 2013

Hello Blog! Here are the finished renders of my ArenaNet internship 2013 art tests.
The renders are done in marmoset.. The rest of the info is on the pictures! Wish I could have posted more work in progress updates, but it has been very busy trying to finish these...

Enjoy, and till next time!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sooo, I haven't posted in a while, but here is what I am currently working on.

Arenanet, on of my favorite video game studios of all time, is accepting year long art interns.

Here is the concept I am working from, provided by ArenaNet. =)

So, I picked a character and started modeling, this is, I started pretty late so things are tight.

Here is a picture of the highpoly model I have so far.. The color is really rough and was just me playing around to get a feel of what it would look like.

I am now uv mapping the lowpoly model I made, but no time for pics of that...

Till next time, and wish me speed and luck!