Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Recent Digital Work

Well, I was gonna post earlier because I thought I could finish the piece that I am currently working on for today. I still have some finishing touches to do though. It isn't worth it for me to rush personal works when so much of the polishing really boosts my skills.

Anyway, here is some of my recent stuff.
I am concentrating heavily on starting strong characters through honing my wacom sketching skills, then when I have something that catches my eye, I am working hard to improve my rendering and polishing skills.

I've really fallen in love with overlay layers. They are so useful to both start a painting by quicly blocking in colors, or finish a grayscale painting by adding colors and adjusting light and dark. They are super useful for light effects like glowing and for other effects such as texturing. I still need to be careful using these though, because it is easy to overuse them. So I still do most of my painting on normal layers.

That is pretty much it for today. I will post the painting I am currently working on soon, and I also have some sketches to scan and post.

So, until next time!

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